ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing a new points accumulation system.

PEEB administration is announcing a new system where you can answer posted questions to accumulate points. Then, you can use these points however and whenever you prefer.

Reasons to collect points:

  • You can use these points to buy your goods on this Website. Proceed to the “Merchandises” page for purchases.
  • If the goods don’t interest you, you can redeem your points for cash.
  • NB: for goods => 1 point = 2 HTG & for cash => 1 point = 1 HTG. Choose!
  • !!!Your points will never expire!!! That is, you can expect to use them later.

So, please continue to visit the website often to answer questions and get the points that you can use to buy goods or exchange for cash. Thank you for your participation!

Whenever you answer a published question, we will send you an email informing you of the balance of your points. Remember, your points never expire. You can use your them for purchase of goods or cash. New merchandises will continue to be published.

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