First production of the biblical camp of PEEB in Haiti over the term «Evangelization» from December 22, 2018 to January 5, 2019

The school was still celebrating their annual gathering when we arrived. It was still daylight and the atmosphere was great. My team and I came from Cap Haitian, about 45 minutes of travel to the town “Rivière Salée” In the northern department of the country. Other members of the team preceded us because we were travelling separately. This decision was more economical for PEEB and more convenient for our disciples. The church “Évangélique de la rivière salée”, under the direction of pastor Jean Nemours, hosted us for our 2 Weeks of academic training on Evangelization.

This initiative aims to redress a deep educational deficit that we are facing in our Christian assemblies. A deficit so serious that it makes the task of evangelization very difficult for our members and disastrous for our assemblies. We have many members who are involved annually, monthly, or even daily in missionary trips, evangelization tours, or the evangelization of their entourage. The question we need to ask ourselves is: how many of them know well what they are saying? How many of them are well educated and equipped to evangelize right? By experience, we know for a fact that many of them have a good will to evangelize but not the competence. They are just incoherently repeating what they have heard others say. So, facing a smart heathen or a fake doctor, our companions often remain quiet or, worse, they return to us indoctrinated into lies and the false teaching of these malignant. This is a problem we have ignored enough!  The time has come and PEEB invites all Christian assemblies to join hands and make an academic training on evangelisation available and free for all members of the church of Jesus Christ collectively.

It is important to note that this approach does not stop at evangelization alone but covers a series of 35 terms and subjects that PEEB judge necessary for a good understanding of God’s will, our almighty father.

We had our first training camp free of charge for our disciples from December 22, 2018 to January 5, 2019 at “L’église évangélique de la rivière salée”. 37 persons made the move with PEEB, 16 have taken the class as disciples, assisted by 3 pastors and many visitors who came from the community and elsewhere. For a first attempt, it was a great success, an unforgettable experience.

The administration of PEEB is very aware of the difficult economic reality of the country, therefore, did its best to offer everything the disciples need during those 2 weeks. Needs such as food, water to drink and to clean up, air mattresses to sleep, fans to fight the heat, electricity, irons and ironing boards, all were available free of charge to improve the living conditions of our disciples. Even the necessary documents, pens and pencils were made available to the disciples as well. All electronic devices and 2 power generators were also brought. Only their presence and good mood was expected of them, nothing else because God, our heavenly Father, has really thought of everything and granted us 2 enjoyable weeks of learning and fraternization for the advancement of the Gospel.

We must also note that the dedication of the kitchen staff was blameless. They put their time, their know-how, and their experience in the service of this cause without claiming anything in return. They worked days and nights to guarantee us 3 meals a day and at the desired time. Without their collaboration and dedication, the classes would have suffered greatly. But all glories are returned to God because he really knows how to plan. He planned everything and provided the right people for the job.

Our teaching has touched our disciples and 3 of them felt the need to no longer wait to get baptized. Their names were Sr. Présumé Francia, Sr. Jessica Paul, and Sr. Jenny-Flore Dumarsais. That very moment, they asked our dear pastor Jackson Dumarsais to arrange a baptism with the agreement of the pastor of the church who hosted us. The shepherd of the church himself performed the baptism in a river not too far. It was a blessed day for them, for the church of Jesus Christ, and for heaven. Hail to God, our father!

Theory is one thing, for practice is another completely different one. After about 2 weeks of training and exams on evangelism, they finally had the opportunity to be put into action. The original plan was to drive them away from the church to meet and evangelize real pagans and be evaluated on that. But we have had 3 baptism in the morning that shortened the time we allocated for that. So, forced to stay in the temple, they had their assessment by evangelizing a group of 2 Pagan actors; a collaborator preacher by the name of Fr. Jotam Elange Joseph and myself, your servant, Fr. Calebe Davilmar. Make no mistake, it was not easy task because we have experience to play difficult and tenacious pagans. But the disciples put what they have learned in application and succeeded with satisfactory notes.

They say in all things, we must consider the goal. A 2-week move during the time of the end of the year festivities is conceivable only when one considers the goal. “Training to evangelize”, This was the goal of this biblical camp. It was not an easy class considering the time we had available to complete it. But the disciples showed great motivation and decision to complete the class. They all remained focus till the end but only 63% of them managed to accumulate the grade 7/10 required to pass and progress toward the volume 2 which will cover the terms “Batism & Salvation”. The rest of the disciples, on the other hand, is already motivated to rectify this irregularity and make up for lost time.

They all worked hard but one of them rised above the rest by claiming the crown of the class with a grade of 9,33/10. Her name is Rose-Andrelle Gabriel. Only fourteen years old, she has already demonstrated a very good understanding and know-how in the business of fishing souls. PEEB is satisfied and heaven is happy. Glory to God for her and for everybody else!

If you are a believer in Jesus Christ and interested in receiving this training, know that you are already welcome among us. Being a believer in Jesus Christ is the only obligation to access this training. Register an account in our Internet site and you will be notified of all our activities. Thank you!

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