God created a wonderful world

I want to share this post with you today. The song is by Louis Armstrong and the video by Eugenia&Robert . This is just a reminder to all human beings about the world we get to live in. Sometimes, we have the tendency to forget that we have inherited an artwork and we take it for granted. We fill it up with hatred, destructive greed, toxic wastes, illnesses, and to top it all, we bomb it down. Oh yes! we bomb every inch of that wonderful planet into total chaos. Then, we get even more upset because of our own doings. Now, everybody is trying to kill somebody. The budget of our governments allocated to rage wars and ultimately destroy the environment is more than a 100 times bigger than the one allocated to protect it. Now, we hate what we have become. Therefore, we blame our misery on others which, really, is just an excuse to keep bombing, keep doing the same things that got us in this mess in the first place. I guess that is very bright!

Brothers and sisters from around the world, just stop for a second and realize that the world is amazing, awesome, mind blowing, an artwork from the mightiest mind there is and there ever will be. The world is not the problem, people is; greedy and heartless people, to be more specific. And, it doesn’t have to be that way forever, it’s not too late to recover. We can still change, we can still wake up in a world as it was meant to be. We just have to turn our back to hatred, come to the Lord Jesus for forgiveness. Therefore by his holy spirit, he will guide us back into experiencing the wonderfulness of the world as we were originally meant to.

Or, we can just keep being stubborn, keep thinking to ourselves that we don’t need Jesus to change our lives and our world, keep on trying to resolve every issue with war, and keep bombing our planet into darkness, keep promoting hatred and segregations, until we finally cause our own demise. It’s a choice that has been giving to us by the almighty himself to show us how much he respects our free will. Now, it’s our task and responsibility to make the right one. So, from me to you; “Chose carefully!”

By: Calebe Davilmar

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