PEEB Inauguration

It was on the afternoon of thursday, August 10, 2017 at 4:00, at the establishment of the College IRCAPH located in the city of Cape Haitian, north of the country of Haiti, that PEEB has been officially established as a Christian institution. About 30 people Attended this majestic event though of a rather familial appearance.

The time came, people began to assemble, the wind blew tenderly, the heat intensified timidly, the traffic of the vehicles was crowded as usual on the street of the college, the electricity was there, everything was on point to facilitate us a wonderful time in the manner of the Haitian. The moment could not be better chosen. The ceremony began with words of greeting and welcome from the Coordinator General, Brother Calebe Davilmar. Then the name of God was invoked to glorify him and to ensure a complete success of the feast. We were all convinced that without God we can do nothing.

The Coordinator General went on to explain the content of the project and the website to the guests. He took the time to begin with the definition of the acronym so as not to miss any important information. People were very Satisfied. They questionned him on various subjects and he answered them each.

It was time for the first break. A few minutes was granted to everyone to go and satisfy whatever needs they had. Some folks used the break to talk and make up for lost time, others, to ask more questions, and the children, to mock each other. Everything was in a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere.

We came back to the table to continue the ceremony. It was time to formally proclaim the creation of PEEB as an institution ready to serve the cause of evangelization. It is our custom to use the champagne beverage to commemorate the highlights of our lives. So the Coordinator prepared his bottle and gave the usual speech . Each table had its own bottle of champagne. A volunteer from each table prepared their bottle as well. Together, champagne was poured into the room and everyone drank at their own discretion.


A staff of volunteer cookers prepared us some tasty food. It was time to serve the table. All the food was there on the table. Everyone could choose what they wanted to eat. The atmosphere was cheerful and we ate with appetite. Kids dragged the line but no one noticed. The climate of the feast was such that nothing could disturb it.


Then came one of the most important moments of the ceremony. PEEB considered it appropriate to financially support the academic year of 50 parents by presenting school bags and classroom supplies to children identified by the project’s pastors. The bookbags wore the icon of PEEB, the address of the website, and the Email. First, the children who attended were presented the opportunity to win a bookbag each by answering simple questions. e.g: How many children God has? What is the name of the son of God? Do you like Jesus? Etc… They answered questions with confidence. Glory to God! It was wonderful to meet them. Then the rest of the bookbags were left to the present pastors who accepted the task of identifying children who needed this gift the most.


At this point, it was almost the end of the ceremony. We just had to identify the current members of the offices and ministries before declaring the end. The offices and ministries had about 12 members, only 6 of them could attend. We were talking Delegation of responsibilities and they were very happy to undertake their new responsibilities. We had taken pictures together and PEEB presented them with custom pens, business cards, and custom mugs.

We invoked the name of God again to close the ceremony. Our cooks, once again, have shown themselves tireless by their dedication to clean up the place and to put everything in their respective place.



By: Calebe Davilmar

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