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Share an article with the world on any verse, term, or biblical subject you want to teach, advise that you want to share, debate you want to have, praise you want to offer to God or just general information that you want to teach to all. The Administration of PEEB offers this service to facilitate access to your message to many people because we believe that you have a lot to share. As any publication on social media, expect others to comment or like your article as well. Before you publish, go to the bottom of this page to read the conditions as a violation of these terms may, not only cause the termination of your publication, but also the eradication of your opportunity to publish again.

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CONDITIONS: This website is dedicated to decent activities that demonstrate respect to God and to others. Accordingly, here are some conditions that will enable you to continue publishing on this site.

  • THE TITLE: The right title summed up the message. Choose the title carefully to avoid disappoint our members.
  • THE MESSAGE: The message must develop the title. Write your article to an academic level suitable for all to facilitate the understanding of anyone. The language of the message must be that you have chosen for the site. That is, if the page of the site is in Creole when publishing, the article must be in creole as well. If the article is in French, you must translate the site into French before publishing.
  • WORDS AND PHRASES: Avoid indecent words and phrases. Remember that PEEB is a Christian institution; it is different from ‘Facebook ‘. Demonstrate respect to God and your readers in your choice of your words and phrases.
  • YOUR INTENTION: We want to reiterate that this site is different from social media. That is, we do not accept indecent jokes and amusements. We offer you the opportunity to publish on this website because we believe that you have messages from God to share with others. This message may be of a spiritual nature as a biblical topic or social as sharing tips about well-behaving in public. Or your intention may be to open a debate on any topic. In short, PEEB does not encourage unsubstantial articles but encourages articles which are intended to share information with the Christians. Your article must be aligned to one of these categories. If not, let us know via the menu ‘contact us’ on other categories you want to see. It is not permissible to use your article to support a political party or leader, except if you have a biblical text that supports your intervention.
  • REFERENCE: All statements that you assign to the bible or another person must be supported by a reference in the article that proves that this was, in fact, said. In lack of reference, avoid making this statement or wait until you access the reference to make the statement. PEEB wants to avoid propagandas.
  • PHOTO: Photo is not required to publish; you can publish without any pictures. But, if you cared to have a photo, use a photo that supports your article. The photo should be decent. If a person in the photo violates the principles on the PEEB’s KSK (KSK: Short, Tight, Transparent), the photo is banned. If there is a crime scene, political, or vulgarities, the photo is banned. In short, make sure that God will approve your article before clicking submits.
  • LIMIT: Publishing on this site is unlimited. As soon as God inspires you to share something, rush to PEEB’s website to publish it. It may take a minute, considering we are in the start-up phase, but many people will read your article.