About us

PEEB is an acronym which comes from the name: “Projè Evanjelizasyon ak Etid Biblik”. The name of the project is written in the Haitian creole language because it is the official language of the project and it is also the first language of Haitians. This is understandable, considering that the project comes from Haiti and that the first target of the project is the Haitian people. This doesn’t mean yet that the project is limited to the borders of Haiti. No, not at all! This project is without borders. No language or territory will be spared. To put the vision of the project into perspective, just say; If humans live there, PEEB will go there (mark 16:15).

PEEB has no parent institution. So we are not limited or controlled by any other organizations or individuals, in what we practice and preaching to the world. The bible alone, the whole bible, is our compass. PEEB is completely and only subject to the dictation of the Holy Spirit of God. With the help of a staff of volunteers and dedicated believers, we know that God will lead us to great things. Glory to God, amen!

Very soon, at the proper time, PEEB will launch its version Portuguese, Arabian, Italian, Chinese, Indian, etc. Stay tuned even if your language is not yet represented, it is coming soon!