“The reasons why I am no longer Christian”

We put the title of the article in quotation mark because this expression is very repeated. Every time someone repeats that sentence, he thinks it makes sense because he doesn’t understand the bible. And it is also for this reason that PEEB decides to write this article to correct this statement. This article is not going to consider personal opinions on that matter, only biblical text. We hope this will enlighten you more on the nature of Christianity.

The important question that we will answer for you is:

Can we be a Christian at one point, then decides to stop?

Many speak of Christianity in the same way that we talk about a title we received. They talk about it as we can be a policeman today, then tomorrow, decides to not be so anymore. Or, as one can be a senator today, then tomorrow, by a lack of love for politics, decides to leave his post. So he is no longer a senator. But is this the same for Christianity?


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